Uncertainty, a weighty word indeed. It is hard to live with uncertainty but it’s one thing we can be certain about, that there will be uncertainty.

I’ve been going through a healing journey for awhile, but the current chapter began 9/21/18 when I was T-boned by an F150. I haven’t been able to work and the uncertainty of what lies ahead is difficult to sit with day in and day out.

One thing I’ve learned is the more you dwell, ruminate about circumstances the more you will increase you anxiety and depression. Certainly staying away from rumination is easier said then done!

I’ve been struggling some in this area. The one thing I know is that if I can be mindful of the present, be thankful and practice positive coping strategies rather than sitting in a cycle that will lead me to a pit of depression I’d rather practices those strategies and stay out of the pit!

Some things that help me are: 

-talking with friends, playing guitar, listening to music, reading the Bible, praying, gratitude list, watching sports, tv show, going to church, walking, biking, hiking, nature, writing poetry, journaling. These are just a few ideas to help you think of ways you might cope when uncertainty tries to take over your thoughts and you need something to do.


How to Process Emotions

Ouch that hurt! Can you believe that happened? These statements may seem like surface level reaction, but the reality is pain can effect us on a deeper emotional level. Pain hits us at the core of our being.

For years I haven’t known how to deal with pain. I’ve repressed, pretended I wasn’t hurting, ridden many roller coasters and attempted to feel it. None of these methods brought lasting relief. However, I am realizing that feeling them offers the most growth potential. My problem has been I don’t know how to feel intense emotions. I try to and then fear and shame override any other emotions.

The important part of feeling emotions isn’t shutting down, numbing or pretending the feelings aren’t there. It is sitting with the emotions and asking the question, “why do I feel this way right now?” Often times it is connected to a previous experience, environment, trauma or person. Once you identify the connection, explore the previous situation and try to determine what triggered you in the past and/or the current. Sometimes it is helpful to involve other people in your process, but it is not a necessary step to begin growing and healing.


God find me faithful. May I be like Job, someone who suffers well. May I be found as a woman after your heart like David was said to be. May I have the courage to walk by faith like Abraham did. Grant me wisdom as you did Solomon. Give me courage to keep going like Moses. Give me peace, honor and favor as you did Joseph. Let me pray day and night like Daniel. Give me a vision and the strength to carry it out as you did for Nehemiah. Use my lips to speak truth as you did Elijah and the prophets. Give me compassion as Lydia showed Paul. Give me grace and perseverance as you did Paul. Give me courage and favor as you did Esther. Open doors for me to speak to the rich and the poor. Jesus give me your love for the world. Holy Spirit counsel me and comfort me when I’m weak and weary.

I live because of Christ. Without him I am nothing. He forgave me! One day I’ll see him in heaven, but I want everyone to know he died for their sins too. They can receive him in their lives. Confess your sins. Repent and ask him to come into your life. He rose again on third day so we could be with him one day. The men and women I mentioned above didn’t have easy lives but they chose to live for Jesus! Life gets hard, but Jesus won’t leave. He says, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).”

Clear the Stage


Clear the stage and tear down idols. I don’t need fancy titles. I want to live a holy life, and look past the pain and strife. The enemy will attack, but I will not focus on the lack. Remind me day and night, that you’re with me God you fight! You’re my knight in shining armor, when I’m with you I am calmer. Bring your peace and let me rest in the comfort of your chest. The stage is clear. It’s just you and me. Clear my heart from filth and shame resurrect my life I’ll never be the same. I will praise the name of Jesus every day. I love that he chooses to stay. When everything and everyone seems to disappear, he comes near and says I’m right here. Rest in me and do not fear. I love you child, you are so dear! Worship me all life long. I love to hear your praises and songs!

A Christmas Shift

Christmas is a time when families get together, presents are given, memories are made, and so much more! Why is this so stressful? Busyness tries to inhabit and abide. We loose sight of what really matters. Time off work is spent running around. We don’t rest. We remember fights and forget we’re blessed. We forget how to celebrate and not be stressed. Jesus is the reason we can rest. He is enough. He’s all that we need. Come spend time with him on your knees. Worship and adore the king of kings. He will change your perspective eternally. I know when I stop striving and simply come. Jesus says child you’re loved not dumb. In a moment my troubles aren’t wearing me down. I’m wrapped up in worship releasing a sound. Worship the king who came as a babe and later for the world his life he gave.

Merry Christmas!