Live Life Full

I’m in a season where I’m crushed, but in the crushing I have a hope for rebuilding. It’s been really hard to go through! I wasn’t able to write much for awhile, but yesterday I was blessed by the Lord’s beautiful, honest words that came in poetic form.

It’s not easy to go through any type of pain. Unfortunately, often it seems to lead to shame.
But that’s not how God looks at pain. He doesn’t see someone who’s going insane. You might hear lies every day. But you can live free and alive today. Learning how to walk is a journey we can take. We can be real with God and others, not fake. Knowing boundaries and how to take care of ourselves. Is important for others and for our own health. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be upset. It’s ok to ask questions, remember Jesus wept. Pain and grief can seem debilitating, but God sent his Son because he said you’re worth saving! It’s hard to grieve, but it’s important that we see, our emotions are important to God indeed. If we don’t process them, we don’t know our needs. We all have a story and hope to give, life is so much more fun when we can fully live!

What does living alive mean to you!

Sit and Rest

What does it mean to be still with you? Surrounded by creation, peaceful renewed. The stress of the world no longer carried. No need to worry, no need to tarry. The wind is calm, a gentle breeze. You sit with the Lord under his tree. He speaks to you and gently reminds, You are special to him, one of a kind. You’re loved for who you are, not what you do. The Lord loves sitting there, he and you. He loves to speak promises and tell you what’s true. He loves relationship and being with you. Sit back, relax and be with him. Then jump in the water and go for a swim. He loves spending time with you each day. Take time to give him glory, honor and praise. He hears you every time you pray. Listen to what he has to say. Sit back, relax, it’s going to be ok. Take a deep breath and receive love today!

Love Me Back to Life

The last month has been hard! Full of unexpected challenges and often times answers were no where in sight. Fear became something I encountered often. After battling fear throughout different circumstances in my life, I came to the conclusion the other day that need God to kill the fear inside of me that holds me back from experiencing abundant life. In order for this to happen fear must die and God must love me back to life. I believe he cares and is full of joy to hear this prayer. I encourage you to ask him to take your fear. He already went to the cross to deal with all sin! I don’t want to live afraid rather I want to live courageous. Lord give us the strength and boldness to live for you!

Growing pains

Pain is hard, tears we’ve cried. I’ve asked God many times why. Though I don’t get an answer I start to grow. He begins to lift me up out of the low. Once in a pit all around was dark. Then Jesus came in and I could see marks. Scars on his body and marks on the walls from people once there until they realized they’re called! Jesus is the light that helped them out. Jesus I surrender I don’t want to pout. Life is hard, but you conquered the grave. You are with me always because I am saved. Guide my steps every day and keep on my tongue things you want to say. Let me be a light, a bringer of hope to a world that is hurting and just trying to cope. Show us what it is to live with life, instead of feeling like we’re stabbed by knives. Joy come and fill our hearts. May the church arise and do her part. Love one another, encourage and pray. I believe together the world we can change!