Work is something we all do. Whether it’s as simple as changing the toilet paper roll (if you do it) to working hours at a full time or part time job, some that pay and others that don’t like being a mom or dad. Anyway, I’m writing this post to encourage anyone who might be feeling overwhelmed by work. Work does not define you. People will put demands on you and you will have certain expectations of yourself. I encourage you to find time to count your blessings. It’s not always easy, but when you can focus on thankfulness, it helps you get through the difficult days. It can help you change what your dwelling on and lift you up. There is wisdom in persevering and wisdom in knowing when to quit or stand up for yourself. Don’t let yourself be abused. Don’t let work be your life. Ask God for wisdom on how to live a balanced life. 

Lord I pray for all of the people who are reading this post. Holy Spirit, come and calm their hearts. Bring peace to stressful and chaotic situations. I pray for favor at their jobs and for opportunities for promotions and raises. Lord, I ask that people can feel your love and cling to the hope you bring. I need you God! You are near to the broken-hearted and tell us to come to you and lay our burdens at your feet. Take our anxieties and fears. Thank you for taking the weight of the world. We can’t handle it, but you can. I love you Lord!

In Jesus’ name, amen!

Give Yourself Grace

How many of you have thought about giving up on a job or situation. I’ve faced many difficult decisions, but lately I found myself struggling. I have been upset at myself for not obtaining my own expectations and feeling like I’m failing even though I’m trying my best. I can’t say I’ve completely resolved these feelings, but I’m realizing the importance of giving myself grace. I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to give myself grace. It is easier for me to forgive others, but difficult to forgive myself. I want to encourage you and give you permission to love yourself when you feel like your failing to meet expectations. I can’t say I understand everything you’re going through. But I want to acknowledge that life can be hard, and sometimes seem unrelenting. Thank you for choosing to persevere. My prayer is that you continue to learn how to take care of yourself while doing the best you can in every situation. I’m learning this lesson, and it’s taking some time. I’m learning that it’s ok that I haven’t “arrived.”

Beauty in Brokeness

Brokenness is hard but beautiful to me. When you’re struggling child bring me your needs. I’m your strength and comfort in the storm. I knew you child before you were born. Lean on me and the Body of Christ. On the cross Jesus suffered and paid the price. Before that he was tempted and he was tried. Yes Jesus wept, yes he cried. He was insulted and mocked, but death set us free. Children run, run to me. Don’t try to be strong for you are weak. Learn to humble, learn to be meek. Ask me to come and help you each day. I’m the only truth, I’m the only way. Brokenness is beautiful in my eyes. Just tell me the truth, nothing’s a surprise!